Fun and Budget-Friendly Father’s Day Gift – Send Dad BEER (our discounts and recommendations)

I have been, or can be if you click on a link and make a purchase, compensated via a cash payment, gift, or something else of value for writing this post. Regardless, I only recommend products or services I use personally and believe will be good for my readers.

It's not too late to get Dad something fun and unique for Father's Day something way better than “yet another boring tie”, or some other simple gift.  Send him Deliveries of Hand-Selected Craft Beer for 3 Months!

Why send him beer?

Why the hell not!  Think about it…

  1. You use the discounts we got from our favorite beer club companies and save money.
  2. You show up on Father's Day with a case of super-high-quality, sophisticated and delicious small batch craft beer for your dad.  (No, you don't have to carry a heavy-ass case of beer to him, they'll deliver it via UPS in a couple of days.  You actually show up with a card and a nice-looking gift card showing Dad what you bought him.)
  3. When the beer arrives, your dad will think highly of you.
  4. When he tastes the first beer, your dad will think even more highly of you.
  5. And, as he continues to try new beers with each delivery, your dad's view of you will be sky-high, as he'll basically have no choice but to think of you at record-setting levels. (In fact, I'll bet you'll finally be his favorite.)

I was going to compile a list of a ton of different beer clubs to choose from, but I decided I'm just going to show you my favorite beer club.  I want this to be a simple process with very little to think about.  Just use the coupon we got for Free Gifts and Cash Discounts on your order.  The only decision you'll need to make is how long you want to send him monthly deliveries of craft beer.  (I'm guessing your budget will determine that.)  TIP:  Most people choose a 3 month beer club gift.

Go here to buy from my favorite beer club, the Craft Beer Club.  Use coupon code “iSave5” in the spot for coupons when you're checking out of their shopping cart for $5 off and Free Gifts with Ongoing Membership, or use coupon code “Isave10” for Free Gifts and $10 off 3+ Month or use that same coupon code “ISave10” for $25 off 12 Month Gift Membership.

The Original Craft Beer Club Logo custom made 650x by 282 - Featured!

Craft Beer Club 24 Bottle Beer Club

So, I said I was only going to show you my favorite club.

You really can stop reading now and just go get the highly recommended Craft Beer Club as I wrote above.

In fact, let me say this:  Only continue reading if your dad already has a beer club, or he is super-snobby about craft beer and knows everything there is about the different types of barley and hops, and how different yeasts produce different alcohol levels and deliver derivative flavors in the brew.

Is that your dad?  If so, I'll show you my favorite super-snobby high-end small-batch craft beer club, from

The only reason they're my “second favorite” club (overall) is because when compared with the Craft Beer Club, I prefer the simplicity of the Craft Beer Club and how they present the craft beer they deliver — and I think that you get “more beer for less money” with the Craft Beer Club.

However, I love Rare Beer Club for the “Craft Beer Snob”.  If you'd say that your dad falls into this category, then I'd consider sending a 6 or 12 month subscription there.  Use our coupon code “DAD 25” for $25 off your order of a twelve month gift, or use our coupon code “Dad 15” for $10 off your order of a six month gift.)

Go here to buy the Rare Beer Club from


Rare Beer Club

Happy Father's Day!  (Cheers.)


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